We are currently working on

Rudolfinum, Prague

We have been participated in the general reconstruction of the premises. The subject of our contract was alarm security and emergency systems, fire detection and fire alarm system, electronic access control, reconstruction of switchboards and light-current devices.

We are implementing a project called "Modernization of fire safety solutions", which will be comleted in 2022.

Justice Comlex Na Mičánkách

In the Na Míčánkách Justice Complex, we opwrate permanently as a part od our service activities.

In 2022, we implemented CCTV replacement and ACS upgrade.

SEB Groupe - WAREHOUSE DHL Sereď (Slovakia)

Since April 2022, we have been implementing an integrated system for the SEB Group, the operator of the hall in Sered is DHL Slovakia.

Phase 2 runs from December 2022.


We have been taking care of premises of the company in Blansko. This reference is special with respect to the industry of the client, which is pharmacy. Specifically, we have supplied an alarm security and emergency system, fire detection and fire alarm system, access control system, structured cabling, temperature monitoring system, unified time system, radio system, STA+ gas leak detection - hydrogen.

Since the autumn of 2019, we have been implementing low-current electrical installations and EPS as part of the construction of a new AO pavilion on the premises of Synthon, s.r.o. The contract also includes the elaboration of implementation documentation (PCB).

Implementation on other buildings continues in 2022.