From project to service.

Consultancy Activities, Studies

In decisions on the method of safeguarding premises it is advisable first to consult an expert. In this case it is a sales representative whose contact you will receive from our Sales Office Coordinator. We have staff who are able to propose options tailored to our clients and their facilities. We give priority to efficiency for our customers over the vision of a fast profit for our company. In the long term, mutual satisfactions pays off to everyone.

We offer expert consultancy, advise and author´s surveillance in the entire range of the offered services.


Apart from the above-mentioned consultations and proposed solutions, we also prepare safety studies, specifically:

  • security studies or security assessments in protection of people, assets and information
  • advisory and consultancy in protection of classified information (Act No. 412/2005 Sb. , on protection of classified information and on security clearance, as amended)
  • preparation of support documents for applications at the National Security Authority for the issue of a Certificate of Facility Security Clearance
  • preparation of physical safety projects
  • preparation of internal regulations in personal and administrative safety
  • verification of compliance of the implemented security provisions with the prepared security documentation preparation of applications to the National Security Authority for certification of the information system and required documents for the certification to be performed

Preparation of the project documentation

High-quality project documentation, expert preparation of the construction and designer's supervision over its course has a significant impact on the quality and price of the project. In many cases it saves significant amounts of money both in the actual construction and in the future utilization. Therefore, it is definitely worthy to invest money into the preparation of a high-quality project documentation and high-quality expert technical supervision.

We offer a comprehensive project support for the complete assortment of the installations and services on offer, processing of the authorized project documentation at all stages and in the scope under the building law all the way to up to the implementation project including the bill of quantities and itemized budgets.

We master state-of-art technologies in the industry and we are able to accommodate special wishes of the customer. Our projects are prepared under applicable standards and regulations supported if needed with the relevant expert authorization. All project works are prepared electronically in common standards (dwg, xls, doc, pdf) as well as in 3D format. Drawings are prepared in colour up to the A0 format.

We are able to prepare classified project documentation in colour up to the "Confidential" level and drawing format A1 in our own certified system. Our designers have security clearance issued by the NBU for the "Confidential" level and continuously they receive professional training.

Continuously, we guarantee a high expert level, technical and cost optimization of the designed work according to your requirement, flexibility and creative communication in the selection of the suitable solution.


Once a client accepts our quotation, the implementation stage of the contract starts. we are able to deliver contracts both according to our projects and according to projects prepared by out e organizations. the actual installation of the work is carried out under the surveillance of the chief installer and installation group. for more extensive installation, the order manager can be appointed for the order. in our company, the chief installer receives support from the designers who oversee the preparation of the production, also a logistics officer who safeguards all material and the management of the installation department that is managed by the HR department and coordinates all activities inside and outside the company. furthermore, an allocated sales persons is in contact with the customer for the entire time of installation. through this proven and tested method we can guarantee to your customers both the high quality of the work and the meeting of potential specific requirements that may arise.

Guarantee and after guarantee service

Following the implantation and handover of the work to the customer, a guarantee stage commences. Customers are handed over for care to our Service Department that is available 24/7 and guarantees elimination of possible notified defects according to agreements with customers.

Apart from service repairs, the Service Department also performs after guarantee repairs be it interventions at existing or new customers.

For all our orders we also arrange non-guarantee service consisting of regular reviews, inspections and maintenance, all in accordance with standards and requirements of our customers.

Thanks to our team, we are able very flexibly and professionally to react to all requirements and thereby our customers can have a functional and reliable system after the installation.