We are currently working on

Regional Court Ostrava

We have completed the project Stavos Stavba company - part of the construction work in connection with the establishment of escape stairs and interconnection of escape routes in the building A of the Regional Court in Ostrava (hereinafter referred to as the "work"), namely heavy-current wiring, emergency lighting, alarm security and emergency system, camera systems, electronic fire signalization and electronic access control. We completed the project in May 2020

We have completed the electric part of the Reconstruction of Meeting Halls event for Kami Profit.

Directly for the investor in the building of the Regional Court, we recently implemented the Modernization of Security Systems. Cooperation at the service level continues.


We have been taking care of premises of the company in Blansko. This reference is special with respect to the industry of the client, which is pharmacy. Specifically, we have supplied an alarm security and emergency system, fire detection and fire alarm system, access control system, structured cabling, temperature monitoring system, unified time system, radio system, STA+ gas leak detection - hydrogen.

Since the autumn of 2019, we have been implementing low-current electrical installations and EPS as part of the construction of a new AO pavilion on the premises of Synthon, s.r.o. The contract also includes the elaboration of implementation documentation (PCB).

Implementation on other buildings continues in 2023.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

We provide a complete security system for the premises of this ministry, primarily including security of the buildings, alarm security and emergency systems, CCTV systems and structured cabling.
We work in the Czernin Palace, see image,
the Tuscany Palace in Prague, also at embassies and consulates around the world.

The cooperation continues, in the summer of 2023 we worked at the ZÚ in Paris, in the fall we are waiting for a trip to Brazil.


Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

We provide installation and servicing of PZTS, CCTV, ACS, EPS of selected objects, more detailed data can not be provided due to the military nature of the objects.