What is new in SKS Blansko?

13. 4. 2022

Concert Invitation

Concert Invitation

On the April 24, 2022, a concert by the Rastislav association, which we have been sponsoring for years, will take place,

we cordially invite you to the concert!

31. 3. 2022

30th anniversary of the company - Wine Salon for customers

At the end of March, an event for customers took place in the Wine Salon in Valtice.

It was a successful event, we have been cooperating with many customers for many years and it was pleasant to meet them even at a non-working level.

21. 12. 2021

PF 2022

PF 2022

We wish all customers, employees and business partners merry christmas and a successful new year!

9. 10. 2021

The 1st of Events of the 30th Anniversary of SKS

The event was intended for employees and their families. Everything took place in the WARZONE Dolní Lhota complex. Approximately 130 participants arrived, in addition to shooting from short and long weapons, other attraction were provided for adults and children too.


6. 10. 2021

Cake for Hospic

Cake for Hospic

We have traditionally supported the annual Hospice Cake event to contribute to home hospice care.

9. 8. 2021

New certificate ISO 45001:2018

We have implementes and maintains an Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

8. 7. 2021

Successful recertification of ISO 9001:2016 and 14001:2016

Successful recertification of ISO 9001:2016 and 14001:2016

In June, we sucessfully passed the recertification audit of management systems ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 and 14001:2016. Furhermore, our license from EZÚ for "Quality and safe assembly" was extended, including the right to use license marks.

30. 6. 2021

Help for Village Hrušky

Today, we sent a contribution in the amount of CZK 70,000 to the account of the municipality of Hrušky to express support for the inhabitants whose property was destroyed by a tornado.

24. 6. 2021


V tyto dny nebude možné dovolovat se na blanenskou pobočku kvůli přerušení pevné linky.

6. 6. 2021

Consecration of the church in Guty

On June 6, 2021, we, as one of the suppliers, participated in the solemn ceremony od the consecration of the Church of the Corpus Christi in Guty.