We are currently working on

Wistron InfoComm (Czech)

In a hall located in Brno-Černovice we have installed and constantly been installing a security and emergency alarm system, CCTV system including the digital management, fire detection and fire alarm system, access control system, metal detector, structured cabling and heavy current installations.

Wallachian Open Air Museum - Libušín building

From February 2017, we have been implementing a long-term project – we have been participating in the reconstruction of a burned down premises of Libušín in the Pustevny complex. Our company supplies high-voltage current installations, a transformer station, diesel-generator, lightings and light-current systems.

The anticipated time of completion is March 2019

IBG Hall, Kralupy nad Vltavou

In February 2018, we started to work on a hall for IBG in Kralupy nad Vltavou. The subject matter of the contract are complete light-current installations.

The estimated completion date is June 2018

Rudolfinum, Prague

Since the summer of 2017, we have been participating in the general reconstruction of the premises. The subject of our contract are alarm security and emergency systems, fire detection and fire alarm system, electronic access control, reconstruction of switchboards and light-current devices. The main part of the contract has already been completed. Now, we are working on follow up systems.

The estimated completion date is the summer 2018.